The Gastronomical Love of Giorgos in Salinas Mar: “Enjoy the greek cuisine”

I could not say what is the best time to be dematerialized in the contemplation of the natural beauty of the bay that collects the waters of Los Baños de la Reina, the Baths of the Queen.

Rock of Ifach and archaeological remains of Los Baños de la Reina

The majestic view of the Rock of Ifach from the Arenal Bol beach, illuminated by the sunset sun, intense pink over blue sky, evokes the ancestral memory that vibrates in the DNA.

Emerald and turquoise glitters sizzle on the sparkling waves of silver reflections. The cadence frequency of the knockings on the rough rock is felt in the chest, deep inside, a real vibrational massage.

With some imagination you can see in the distance the face of the mermaid sleeping in peace, in her hair the skyline of Benidorm is born.

We are right above the rough rock carved by hand in the fourth century DC.

We can see two Siren carved in the stone: Poseidonia and Amphitrite . They are the guardian spirits of one of the three multi-dimensional doors to the Atlantis of Plato.

Plato said there were three kinds of sirens: the Celestial, the Generative, and the Purificatory 

Neptune and Amphitrite
Jacob de Gheyn II  (circa 1565 –1629)
Web Gallery of Art

When the soul is in Heaven the Celestial Sirens seek, by harmonic motion, to unite it to the Divine life of the Celestial Host. Under the government of Zeus.

A scan of a 1936 Australian postage stamp commemorating the opening of the undersea cable from Tasmania (Stanley) to the mainland (Apollo Bay, Victoria) depicting Amphitrite
Odysseus and the Sirens, eponymous vase of the Siren Painter, c. 475 BC

When the soul is in Hades, Purificatory Sirens helps to conform the soul to eternal infernal regimen.

Archaic perfume vase in the shape of Siren, c. 540 BC [wiki]

And when the Soul is on Earth the only job of Generative Sirens is to “produce generation”, to create the abundance of gifts of the Sea. All under the supervision of Poseidon

Theseus Athena and Amphitrite [Louvre]

We walk from Cala Morelló to the Salinas of Calpe, protected nature reserve where you can see permanent colonies of flamingos and other seabirds. It is not far, just over a hundred meters.

The Salinas of Calpe viewed from the other side of street of Salinas Mar

Walking towards the Salinas, on the left you can see the archaeological remains of Los Baños de la Reina, The Baths of the Queen.

I do not understand how this is not full of archaeologists unraveling the hidden riddles under those lands. There is a splendid cultural heritage wasted behind the metal fence that prevents its contemplation and study. Rock sculpted by the hands and the Art of hundreds of beings from different eras: Greeks, Romans, Carthaginians, Visigoths, Phoenicians, Egyptians …

I imagine the place differently: with wooden walkways that protect the archaeological remains of visitors, indirect dim lighting that allows you to contemplate the stars at night, fire torches to evoke the strength of the ancient and a simple wooden construction with historical atmosphere that serves as an information point and assistance.

Reconstruction of Ancient Roman buildings [wikiloc]

And so that space in troubles for property and permit issues, quickly becomes a source of abundance for all: owners, amateur Indiana Jones, professional archaeologists, ecotourists and all those beings who are passionate to learn. Mutual benefit.

Ars tessellatum mosaic details. Roman Vicus . 4th century AD

The historical dimension of the place is deep as an oceanic abyss.

Buy tickets online to visit the Ancient Civilizations in TERRA MÍTICA

The stomach demands food, we have been walking through these lands for half a day, to meet our new home. Where can we go to eat? – I ask the Universe mentally and humbly.

Tuned to the request launched, Giorgos, a greek with a transparent smile and a thick beard, kindly intercepts us, inviting us to move to his space for relaxation and energy recharge: the Salinas Mar, a restaurant bar serving Greek cuisine and Mediterranean specialties.

A good Landing Bar for BirdWatching in Calpe
Healthy cuisine of Giorgos.
Greek and Mediterranean specialties.

We rely on the heart outstretched hands, especially if they come from a bright look.

That’s why we agree to enter.

Giorgos offers us a high quality binoculars when I comment on the pink beauty of wading birds. We go out to the wooden terrace and easily focus on one of the groups of flamingos that eat quietly.

Flamingos eating shrimp, plankton, seaweed and crustaceans floating in the Salinas

His pink turns orange like fire when illuminated by the last rays of light of the day. Flamingos are considered a living incarnation of Ra, the Sun God of Ancient Egypt. These birds were associated with that divinity because of its flaming, flame color, hence its name is also born: flamenco, derived from flame, flame of fire.

European flamingo (Phoenicopterus roseus) [wiki]

Later, we come back inside and…

Delicious vegetarian moussaka with which we delight
Abundant Mediterranean salad with Greek feta cheese and excellent vibrations.
Drink a beer and relax. Keep calm. You are in a lovely space.
Freshly roasted hot bread with olive oil and aromatic herbs
Vegetarian culinary improvisation very much appreciated, coming directly from the best example of the heart and hospitality of the Greek people

Do you know what means BAR?

The term in its current sense comes from English. In that language, the word BAR is originally designated to the wooden or metal stick that is located at the bottom of the counter where customers rest their feet while enjoying their consumption sitting on high benches.

Example of the metallic BAR where people relax his feeds and soul
[Wayfair online shop]

Be water my Friend.

— Bruce Lee

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