Althaia: Health Symbol

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The name of ALTEA, the beautiful and artist protector village in the Costa Blanca of Spain, comes from the Ancient Greek Queen named ALTHAIA.

Watercolour of Altea – Valery Reut – 20×30 cm
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Althaia is a female name of the culture of Ancient Greece.

Queen of Calydon.

It means: I Cure, I take care of you, Healing Herb, Healthy.

Johann Wilhelm Baur 1659 Illustration of Althaea from en:Oviden: Metamorphoses 
Ancien Egypt Hieroglyph of ALTHAIA

Don’ worry if you don’t believe in magic: It works even if you don’t believe in Her.

What happens is that, if you do not believe in Her, you will not be able to understand the effects produced by the words that you release through your mouth without any control or the time you pay attention to useless thoughts.

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