The Robin tell us that we are tuning with a dream made real: the rebirth of the Spirit

Translated from J.L. Balmes article

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These days the Robin has visited me again, and I was curious about what he could symbolize… so I decided to look for something, in principle for me, I did not expect to find much, and the truth is that the first search, in spanish, did not give any result, but it occurred to me to search in english… And that’s what if I found…

The Robin (Robin Redbreast) – Erithacus rubecula

The Robin is a spring bird, a time of new growth and new beginnings.

Fly in our lives with the winds of change that ask us to pluck weeds from our personal gardens and sow new seeds for our future.

Rebirth and renewal require changes in all areas of life that have stagnated and become obsolete. The robin teaches us how to make these changes with joy in our hearts. His song is a happy reminder to let go of our personal drama and learn to laugh with life.

Please, keep listening to the robin’s natural concert while you learn quietly about him

If this natural medicine is in development, it causes people with this totem to continually face the prospects of change. Difficulties arise and emotional discord can surface.

Learning to free our attachment to the old is one of the lessons of life that the robin helps us to master.

This bird deals an extremely powerful blow. It has an important significance in the ancient myth and tradition.

One of its legends had its origins in European mythology, in which the spring bird is associated with the New Year and represents divine sacrifice and the rebirth of the spirit.

In medieval Europe the robin is often depicted attending to the baby Jesus, an emblem of the Passion that will come. They told how, at that fateful hour, it was the little Robin who flew to the Crown of thorns of Jesus, bravely fighting to tear out the thorns with his beak. Unfortunately the bird only managed to break its own chest in the thorns. Since then it was thought that all robins wore red feathers on their breasts as a badge of honor.

The robin is a bird of Divine service.

The robin looks for insects on the ground; also spiders, worms and snails. In autumn he eats berries and fruits. In winter you can see near the barns, where they eat raisins, oatmeal and other soft foods.
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People with this totem often have links from past lives to the energy of Christ. They are excellent priests and missionaries. The red coloration of the robin’s chest is linked to the kundalini in man. This life force resides coiled at the base of the spine. When sufficient spiritual growth has been achieved, it unwinds, climbing up the spine to create greater awareness. This process improves the psychic vision that leads us to enlightenment.

People with this medicine are dedicated spiritual seekers. Growth can be slow and arduous. With patience, compassion and proper attention, spiritual ideals are achieved. The robins lay powerful blue eggs. This is the color associated with the throat chakra in man. It is also linked to heavenly inspiration. Since the main function of the throat chakra is to express the will of God and the egg is a symbol of new life, this valuable little totem teaches us how to affirm God’s creative will in everything we do. It leads us to a new beginning without fear and to restore faith in our hearts.

‘Redbreast’ engraving by Benjamin Fawcett (1853).

The robin teaches us how to make changes with joy in our hearts, how to let go of our personal drama and learn to laugh with live.

Mother Nature

Native American tribes also attributed the return of the sun (from the beginning of spring) to the robin. In fact, many beliefs of Native Americans attribute the solar symbolic meaning to the robin, because they believe that their red chest is the symbol of the rising sun.

The Robin is the symbol of the Rising Sun

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The Omaha tribes believed that the sun rises and sets on the robin’s wings. In addition, the bright yellow beak is the symbol of the sun’s rays illuminating the earth with hope. Native Americans attribute the color of their beak with being aware of the spoken word.

The robin is a sign that only presents the highest truth when he speaks. In addition, the Iroquois and the tradition of the Shoshone tribe point out that the white ring around the robin’s eyes was the symbol of prophetic vision, clarity and great wisdom. The robin was exhorted to the ceremonies in which a clear understanding is needed, and the quality judgments necessary to be performed.

The robin brings a fresh and new perspective to confusing and unclear situations. Try calling robin energy for clarity, when the trial is cloudy or when you need to shed light on a subject. The robin obtains its food from the earth, pulling the earthworms. It is true that the early bird gets the worm! Ask yourself, are you taking full advantage of the new opportunities? In addition, this action reminds us of the earth of our bodies and raising the vital energies of the earth to feed our spiritual being.

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