Bombay Grill: a portal to India in Calpe

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Listen and accept de Light and Protection of Our Lord Vishnu (Kalki)
Vishnu Sahasranamam MS Subbulakshmi Full Version ORIGINAL

Entering the Bombay Grill in Calpe is, from my western vision, like crossing a portal to another world… A world full of color, fragances and exoticism. Where music, with its rich sound of flutes, tables and sitars elevates you in an atmosphere of joy and mysticism.

That magical vibration is accompanied by the murmur of water from a fountain where a great Buddha rests unchanged, making this experience even more special.

The enclosure is warm and harmoniously decorated. And presiding over the central space there is a great image of the city of Mumbay, with its palaces, gardens and lights.

An extensive menu is the demonstration of a delicious variety of ingredients, flavors and textures, and of a gastronomy with history and tradition. New flavors that awaken unknown sensations and surprise us.

Tasting these true culinary wonders, after an authentic feast for the senses, I am very curious to know India and its culture.

A land rich of friendly and smiling people, like the people who serve us here, and now say goodbye, until next time, because we will surely return.

text by Gabriela Gaia Love

Om: primordial sound of the Universe

Impressive fountain with the face of the Buddha, with the gaze focused on the warmth of the Sun that illuminates from within, which reminds us that time is only an illusion, that the only thing that exists is the Now.

You are neither young nor old… You are only!

Sundara Vata
Lord Ganesha: son of Parvati and Shiva.
Spiritual energy that removes the obstacles in your way.
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Mural image of the Mumbai train station of one of the main walls of the Bombay Grill
Namaste is the sacred greeting that means: Your Spirit and mine are One
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