The Vigor is won by the One who is established in Chastity

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Land of Integrity [Caban Uaxak]

Listen to this High Frequency meditation while diving in this article.

Affirmations of Patañjali, like the one in the title of this article, make the person who pronounces them immediately labeled in multiple ways, generally pejoratively.

Shiva statue, the great meditator, in a Temple of Bangalore (India) – Photo: Deepak Gupta

Laugh out loud if you want!

While you are doing it, I quote you text 41 of the Tao Te King, one of the referential axes of oriental thought, channeled by Lao Tse, which Confucius called the Dragon that goes back above the clouds.

When a wise scholar hears about Tao, he practices it diligently. When a mediocre scholar hears about Tao, it oscillates between faith and disbelief. When a worthless scholar hears about Tao, he laughs out loud at him. But if people like this don’t laugh at him, the Tao wouldn’t be the Tao! The sages of antiquity have truly said: The light path seems dark. The progressive Path seems regressive. The smooth path seems steep. The superior Virtue seems an abyss. The great Whiteness seems maculated. The exuberant Virtue seems incomplete. The established Virtue seems ragged. Solid Virtue seems molten. The Great Square has no corners. Great talents mature late. The great Sound is silent. The great Form lacks form. The Tao is hidden and has no name; But only he knows how to help and complete.

Lao Tse, Tao Te King
Hay verdades que nos han sido ocultadas para poder controlarnos con mayor facilidad. El sexo, tan sobrevalorado, es el punto por donde se escapa tu energía vital.
Never ending Story Dragon – Etsy Art by a Cagey Bee

If you are still here: thanks.

Chastity, called Brahmacharya by the Vedic culture, is the detachment of sexual fantasies. Fantasizing about sex or surrendering to lustful feelings dissipates and disperses the mind, just as physical acts of sex cause the loss of Life Force.

Mahatma Gandhi

He used Brahmacharya as a tool to raise the vibrational frequency of his multidimensional body, activating what was called in ancient times: the Athena Shield, a protective energy field that generates our own electromagnetic field.

The cultivation of Brahmacharya allows us to sublimate the vital energy to awaken the highest centers of consciousness, and to remove consciousness from the fleeting sensations of the senses and direct them towards the Inner Source of joy.

Even in marriage we should practice moderation regarding sexual activity, seeking the transmutation of sexual energies through our practices and also our attitudes. We can see our spouse as the living incarnation of Divinity.

The one who becomes a slave to lust. He will live in constant fear. His body deteriorates. And his life decreases. He will not receive Grace. And it won’t last in Shiva Yoga.

Verse 1938 of Tirumantiram
Shiva and Parvati. [The Holyday Spot]


Am I able to keep God / Goddess in my heart, in my mind and in my body when I have a sexual experience? Am I able to make love as an offering to the Divine? Am I able to remain as the Seer in relation to the Seen? Am I able to see my partner as an embodiment of Divinity?

Sources: Tao Te King (C.H. Wu version / Arca de Sabiduría) – Kriya Yoga Sutras de Patanjali y los Siddhas (translation and practice: Marshall Govindan / Kriya Yoga Publications)

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