Dolphins in the Bay of Calpe: the guides of Atlantis

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Just started 2020, while we sail with TOMs those of Costa Blanca Yacht Association

Thanks to the kind contribution of Monique Neyzen, our contact with the Costa Blanca Yatch Association, we can fleetingly contemplate one of the families of cetaceans that inhabit these waters of the Mediterranean, and that have visited us this January 2, 2020 [Mayan Kin: Wizard of Command].

Everything is connected. If you are following this High Frequency magazine you will see that, little by little, the pieces fit the puzzle … But you have to be patient and want to play with the Universe. When we were publishing the Atlantis Call of the Poseidonia and Amphitrite sirens, an intuition told us that Atlantis guides would appear soon: the Dolphins. A week later they were present. Thanks Universal Magic!

Apollo and his Dolphins in an old silver coin of the Ancient Greece
Photo by: Pxfuel

The Dolphin is a symbol of joy, transcendence, sweetness, friendship, love of the community, sociability, generosity and power.

Photo by: Fernando Moneta

Following is a presentation of the CBYA:

The CBYA Costa Blanca Yacht Association – is an organisation which helps people to get out on the water to enjoy more of this magnificent region where we live.

Our goal is to encourage people of all ages and nationalities to come sailing with us. We welcome all levels of experience, and if you own a boat, you are even more welcome!

There are several possibilities, and it is not just about yachts.

Sailing with TOMs

From the Real Club Náutico Calpe, we sail twice a week on TOMs [9 meter yachts].

On every other Tuesdays, you can sail dinghies at El Portet beach, Moraira, and for people who are afraid of getting wet, once a month we rent a larger yacht [12 – 14 meters] from Dénia.

Hobie Cats

We rent Hobie Cats in the summer months every week. There is also a powerboat group for our members, and during the warmer months, the yachts meet them at sea for lunch and a swim.


We also organize sailing charter holidays abroad – in the past, Croatia and, this year, to Greece.

Last but not least, we have an active social section. Once a month we have dinner at the Club Náutico Jávea, and we arrange several presentations and land-based excursions each year.

And the best news is that it doesn’t cost much! For more information, visit the website

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Sanctuary of Delphi erected to Apollo. Source: Delfos

The Oracle of Delphi was dedicated to dolphins

The Dolphin that protects, that saves, emerges in Greek legends. Delphis, the Greek word for Dolphin, gave its name to the highest sanctuary of the solar god Apollo and one of the fundamental oracles of the ancient Mediterranean: the Oracle of Delphi.

The Animals dedicated to that place of worship and divination were the Dolphins. It was considered that no being of the Creation was more divine than the Dolphins, since they existed before man and shared the cities with mortals, but by order of Dionysus, brother of Apollo, they passed from the earth to the seas and then took the shape of the fish.

Many Greco-Roman artistic objects exhibit the Dolphin as an attribute of Apollo, luminous irradiation, solar god. The Dolphin and the light are manifested in many lamps of the pagan period. Then, in Rome, between the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD, the Dolphin is assimilated by Christian iconography succeeding the first Fish that symbolized Jesus Christ.

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