Vaultoro: preserving wealth and securing funds with Gold and Cryptos

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We have known Joshua Scigala and his Gold and Bitcoin exchange portal, Vaultoro for about three years. We contacted him time ago because we knew that he had good references since his appearance in the crypto universe in 2015. We have also had his support as a Human Being, and that is his greatest credential for us. That’s why we want to present it to those who tune into this High Frequency magazine.

Vaultoro comes this march 2020 to Mallorca, Balearic Islands

Please, take a look first to this video presentation to know more about Vaultoro proposals:

This is not an investment advice, it is for informational purposes only. [Disclaimer]
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Preserve your wealth

Trade from crypto to investment-grade bullion and back. Crypto can bring large gains, gold is to preserve those gains. Vaultoro gives you easy access to professionally vaulted, fully insured Gold up from 0.1 gram.

You can open your Swiss vaulting account here in less than 5 minutes!

Secure your funds

Your Gold at Vaultoro is secured in your name as your legal property within top-tier Swiss vaulting facilities, fully insured and audited by one of the largest auditors in the world.

Fair and transparent fees

Sick of paying fees on exchanges? Vaultoro’s maker taker model has 0 maker fees. There is no cheaper way of buying physical Gold.

Can I pick my gold up?

Sure, your Gold is your legal property, naturally you can have it sent to you, pick it up or trade it back to crypto at anytime.

Financial freedom

Combine your Gold and crypto – divisible down to a fraction of a cent. Trade directly with other users. No unnecessary middlemen involved! The combination of crypto & gold vindicates F.A. Hayek’s predictions of stateless money.

Open your Swiss vaulting account here in less than 5 minutes!

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