They are Banking Nature. Why don’t we do it?

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The climate is changing drastically and plant and animal species are dying out at a steady rate is an ominous reality. But one man’s global ecological disaster is another man’s economic opportunity. In recent years, nature conservation has become a flourishing business sector where huge sums of money change hands and endangered organisms are transformed into financial products.

See this video and understand the urgent necessity to gather Humans who really loves Nature, because they understand that are part of Her, and create a Bank who dedicates All the benefits to buy Nature Wild Lands to protect them of All exploitation, Now and Forever.

You can know more about this film reading the article of Chris Lang in Redd-Monitor

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In Calpe.News believe that cryptocurrencies and Blockchain are a good tools to Save Nature.

Not with Words. With Cash.

If you think we are right and want to help us, join our Tribe by filling out this form, we will keep you informed.

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