Go inside the Archaeology cleaning coins from Ancient Greece found in the Holy Land

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Order your pack of High Quality uncleaned coins: 3 pieces5 pieces10 pieces

When you study the history of our civilization you understand many of the established slavery of today. That’s why I began to be interested in numismatics, an archaeological science affordable for those low-budget Indiana Jones. There are also very expensive pieces, but for less than a hundred euros you can have some authentic bronze old coins found under the sand of the desert of the Holy Land, in Israel.

Alexander The Great in the Temple of Ammon – Zeus in Siwa/Egypt
Michael Papandronis Illustration – Artist from Tessaloniki, Greece

Having those old pieces in your hands and start cleaning them very carefully, discovering with a soft brass brush the forms printed under the remains of sand of desert and rust scabs, makes you connect with hidden parts of your unconscious.

Energies and frequencies near two hundred years old comes to you, activating sleeping memories that helps you to remember your origin, who you are, your connection with Eternity.

It is fantastic to see goddess Athena’s face appearing under the old crust, uncover the profile of Artemis protective deer or discover the beauty bearing of SPES, the Roman goddess of Hope, holding her dress delicately, like this big piece of bronze.

Bronze Sestersius (25,5 gr – 31 mm) representing SPES roman goddess of Hope. Hadrianvs in the obverse. Struck circa AD 124-128 [Private Collection]

Coins that come to us are usually bronze, although Joseph, our canadian ancient art source and friend, has confirmed to us that some of his customers, from time to time, has encountered silver and even gold pieces.
I am particularly interested, for artistic aesthetics and for what it removes inside me, in the pieces of Ancient Greece, but our canadian source also has material from the Roman Empire, Ancient Judea and coins mentioned in the Bible, pieces from medieval Europe, Rome Byzantine and more.

Reconstruction of the way coins of Alexander The Great were minted.
Source: The Art Institute of Chicago

A little bit of History?

Coins were made of pieces of gold, silver, or bronze, known as blanks, which were cast or cut to specific weights. To make a coin, a blank was sandwiched between a pair of dies with engraved designs. This was then struck, or hit with a hammer, the force of which impressed the designs into the coin on both sides. Because the technique was used to produce legal currency, the methods employed by mints were highly protected.

Alexander the Great Silver Tetradrachm
201-190 BC Herakles / Zeus Rhodes
Ancient Greek coin for sale

The word numismatic comes from the latinization of the Greek word νόμισμα (nómisma), which means moneta, an epithet given to the goddess Juno, that means “the one that warns” because according to tradition Juno had warned the Romans about various disasters. Eventually Juno became the protective goddess of Rome, where an important mint was created and whose coins were called “ad monetam”

Juno is the Roman equivalent of greek goddess Hera. The sacred animal associated both is the peacock

Having in your hands some archaeological pieces that are around 2000 years old or more, that have been buried under the sand of the desert of Israel, in the Holy Land, testimony of ancient cultures is a good way to connect with Numismatics, Archaeology and be passionated for Treasure Hunting.

Period: 400 B.C. – 250 A.D.
Condition: uncleaned and as shown in the photos
Found in Israel – 100% Authentic coins

Sizes and quality vary from one currency to another, some may need few cleaning touches and others may have more difficulty being revealed. In the magazine we will be adding information on cleaning techniques and others.

Ask for copy of Israel Antiquities Authority document of coins certification if you need it. We guarantee that these coins are really authentic. Our goal is to boost passion for archaeology, history and self-awareness, not hypnotize people to extract some contemporary cash from them. 🙂

If you need more info contact through this form please:

A true example…

The last time I felt that I wanted to connect with my Ancient Memories I buyed to Joseph about 30 randomly chosen uncleaned coins of the Holy Land and… Wow! I found 11 Bucraniums. Only one of them, the one with the best profile, is sold in internet for about 100 $ or more.

When you make the order, the uncleaned old coins takes a few weeks to arrive from the other side of the world but this adds emotion to this humble archaeological investigation. I do not feel the corrosive sensation of buying some scratch lottery tickets to see if I’m lucky, but rather the emotion of connecting with objects that have been part of real lives of other beings in ancient times and that have printed a lot of vital experience.

Evolution NTX – OKM Detectors

I love to feel the reconnection with the energy of the Goddess when I find some symbol associated with Her printed on one of the faces of the old coin: Artemis, Juno, Athena, Hera, Minerva, Hestia, Europa…

Order your pack of High Quality uncleaned coins: 3 pieces5 pieces10 pieces
Some people use High quality Metal detectors with 3D graphics to find treasures
Here a good german manufacturer: OKM Detectors

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