Do you have any idea of Chaos that generates a simple look of Desire?

by Sundara Vata

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¡Wake Up Now!

They have educated us competitively, oblivious to others, as if we were not connected. Nothing happens for a libidinous look! Have one more beer that we are fine here! Look how attractive is that girl! Wow,! A muscled man, I want him!…

Surely you do not know, because no one taught you, but: Mind creates Reality.

If you’re at home, sitting on the couch, and you start to imagine horny scenes with your friend’s wife, for example … Nothing happens! It is only the imagination! The voice of your ego affirms to you: You totally respect your friends and loved ones!

It’s not True!

We are connected at a subtle level, all, without exception, that is why when you abandon yourself to sexual reveries and start it to …, you know what I mean, you are sending Chaos to your own Universe and also to the Universe of the person you are focusing on.

By dedicating your time to mentally recreate how well you would spend climbing on a horse of Manolo or the sexual works that Paquita would do if you would let her… It seems that you do nothing, that you are only playing with a psychic playstation, that you do not you hurt anyone. But it is not true. The first you hurt is yourself, because you are wasting the most precious thing you have: your Life Energy.

Whether you know it or not, believe it or not, see it or not: we are all connected at a subtle level. We are like the drops form the Ocean, connected by an infinite sea of frequencies. If all this sounds you like chinese language and you want to know how works the machine they gave you when you reach this three-dimensional dimension, your physical body, stay connected to this tuning and investigate on your part. What one learns most is what he studies and experiences for himself. We are all teachers. We are all Apprentices.

What we were telling? Oh, yes… Paquita and Manolo were playing parcheesi and one of them had to run the piece. Hehehe

Seriously. When you focus on the sexual, towards the animal, outside its true function: the reproduction of the species, the only thing you get is to maintain a low frequency in your daily reality, which prevents you from finding the subtle paths that lead you to knowledge of yourself, something much bigger than you can imagine now, something that you cannot understand with the obsolete mental program that we still use in our society. Trigonometry cannot be understood without first understanding what a simple triangle is.

Do you have any idea of Chaos that generates a simple look of Desire?

Most likely: no. Unless you have already experienced in your own guts that hellish pain, knowing perfectly where the evil came from. In older times that was called: Evil Eye. The one that is sent with the Third Eye, the Eye of Imagination.

If you could verify that the neighbor “of the fifth” has now activated a cancer because your low frequency psychic energy (the one that you emit while you masturbate thinking about his partner), or that Manolo’s wife has fallen down the stairs while she went downstairs to buy the bread, just at the precise moment when you have an orgasm in your imagination, being astride her husband.

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The feeling of emptiness you feel after masturbation is proof that you threw your precious Life Energy down the drain. Now that your energy body has less energy, the demons you feed yourself with your bad thoughts and erroneous unconscious choices can dominate you, then you become their puppet. Violence, resentment, fear, insecurity, restlessness … All that and more appears when the luminous sphere that we Are decreases its intensity.

What they constantly broadcast on the screens: sex, violence, desire, lust… Is what we are as a Society.

Because these dense frequencies are re-created and re-transmitted by our daily thoughts and actions, in our daily life, by the dominant culture, constantly. To live differently, you have to think differently. Remember again: Thought creates our shared Reality.

When you are younger you do not realize the constant brain wash to which you are subjected by the media and culture. Once you are aware of it you can no longer fool yourself. And if you do, the demons that take the reins of your existence as soon as you stop being present will be increasingly powerful, until they end up with you.

Marsyas was the satyr who challenged Apollo, God of Music, to a music contest with the judges of the Muses. The winner could treat the loser as he wanted. Apollo with his lyre defeated the Marsyas flute. Apollo nailed the satyr in a tree where he removed his skin tortuously.

Apollo makes Humans aware of their sins and is the agent of their Purification

How to say with Love something that comes out of the Visceral?

Get out of here Demon! Do not look again with desire towards my Home! Do not focus your attention on me or my partner! Or anyone who is part of my family and our Human Tribe! Although we seems to you interesting, beautiful or whatever you want to think

Your lascivious gaze, your obscene thoughts, your invisible desire spreads shit on the unpolluted white table on which we feed on the gifts of our beloved Mother Earth. Get out of here demonized being!

I order you to fade into the Infinite Universe!

And that a beautiful Tree grow in your place, that gives Redeeming fruits to all Living Beings that are hungry of Truth and asks from the Heart.

Krishna looking at the Infinite Universe
Acrylic on wood 30×40 cm
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Here is a good way to address to the beings that disturb you.

Say it out loud and firmly!:

Demons that generate the torments of lasciviousness and desire, in whatever way, and be who you are… Disappear from our Vital Sphere in the name of the Mother Divine! , so that the Beings deserving of absorbing the High Frequencies of Unconditional Love that spring from the Heart, those who look at us with Respect and Harmony, without desire, without the psychic fire that disturbs the Peace of the Soul, can access it and share their Blessings with us.

I am not One, I am All. From there I invoke and order you, in the name of the Forces of Unconditional Love that protect Humanity from other dimensions invisible and inaudible to the great majority, because nobody has shown them how to do it. We are what we have learned. We are just some Monkeys Erectus.

Are we going to Evolve Now Together?

The look is Fire, the thought is Fire, a psychic fire, invisible real Fire that builds Immortal Works of Art or develops uncontrolled monsters that devour the Lives of their creators, bleeding them energetically little by little, making their minds become bundled up to become in chaotic tangles that generate constant suffering and restlessness.

I do not speak to speak. I am someone who has been studying his own mind and that of others, in a scientific way, almost since he has reason. Because when you’re a Medium and you don’t know it, you’re worse than a monkey playing with a gun.

I am not a guru, nor do I pretend to be. That unclean frequency is also in me, but I have found out that if I stop looking at my friends, the companions of my friends, even the women who go out through magazines and television with desire, even if they seem beautiful, interesting or the excuse that wants to invent the pestilent psychic program installed in my mental hard drive through the predominant Culture, if I stop doing it: the child who lives in me awakens and then I can play with my real sons, and I see the natural beauty in everything, like when I arrived here, to this beautiful planet… before the social illness invaded me and tried to annihilate the connection completely.

Here is my Child alive, writing, connecting with the wisdom of the Heart, which makes me more Human.

Image inspired by the initiatory film The Matrix of the Wachowski sisters

I remember perfectly when the woman in the red dress gave me her poisoned look. This body that I inhabit had to be about fourteen years old, with the explosion of hormones typical of adolescence. The Pomba Gira smiled at me through dazzling blue eyes and I followed him in shock, captivated. He led me in a bar where there was a group of about four or five young people laughing and shouting. He introduced them to me and I sat with them. Immediately, she disappeared.

They offered me a glass of Absinthe and half a pint of beer. The challenge: everything inside! Without thinking, as an automaton without personality, for “being social”, I obeyed.

The Green Devil, which is what they call colloquially the Absinthe, alcoholic beverage initially created as a medicinal drink, with an alcoholic gradation between 65 and 89 degrees, pure ethanol, entered into me. Prohibited to minors. Ask the one who ran the Bar!

The Absinthe Drinker of Viktor Oliva (1901)

How many people collaborating in the evasion and collective suicide that involves the Culture of Alcoholism!

The Green Devil, although the most poisoned like to call her the Green Fairy, began to go down my throat, burning everything in its path. I immediately understood the reason for the beer bottle: to refresh the epithelial cells of the esophagus and stomach punished immediately after ingestion of the flaming green fluid.

That Devil stayed in me, until I was 40 years old, when with the help of my Will and the Love of my Companion I managed to rise above its enslaving frequency, being freed from torment, free from the destroying Souls magnet fed by millions of people in the world, a gigantic egregor.

That Almic gap is always open, I know because, because of my eagerness for scientific verification of the invisible, a couple of times, recently, I tried to drink a few beers again, in case the madness that alcoholism entails had already disappeared. But no! The disconnection of Love and the Good that is lived in the Now appeared immediately, and my particular Artemis had to return to the rescue to save me again. Thank you Love. Thank you Divine Mother for keeping Her by my side.

Actaeon sees the nakedness of Diana (the Greek Artemis), which causes the Goddess’s revenge.
Titian, 1556-1559 Technique Oil on canvas

Alone we are nothing, we need “others” to stabilize our society. We have to do it together, without stepping on each other, respecting each other, helping each other, loving each other unconditionally, beyond the animal, from our children, in order to truly live in Peace. You, me and everyone.

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