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We create a digital magazine of Calpe and Costa Blanca in Spain, for the promotion of Nature, EcoTourism, Self-knowledge, Blockchain, Music, Art, Science and everything we consider useful for a healthier, more loving and peaceful life.


Hi! First of all, thanks for your attention, presence and time. This is not only one online magazine more, Calpe.News is a multi-dimensional door that connects you with the High Frequencies of your/our Divine Essence. We believe that the Universe is Mental and that all we are related through invisible energy fields that we are just start to understanding. In resume: We are One.

If you understand what we are talking about or want to understand it, subscribe and / or contact us via email, whatsapp, the web form or through any of our social networks. If your intentions are good, you are welcome.

If not, please be scared of the Sphinx that protects our Door and pass by…

Eastern protective Sphinx

Calpe.News is made with the intention of raising our vibration frequency, yours and ours, through an harmonious and respectful connection, with good intentions and good Heart. Everything to establish an authentic network of Human communication, to obtain support and mutual benefit, and for the liberation of the Collective Consciousness and the establishment of new strategies of social collaboration, focused on Unity, for the Good of All.

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